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GASL, Rules and Other Info



Spring 2019 Age Divisions

Rec (By Birth Year):
2015 - Junior Gryphons
2014-2013 - U6
2012-2011 - U8
2010-2009 - U10
Rec+(By Birth Year)
2008-2007 - U12
2006-2004 - 15U


Soccer, what? As parents, you may not always be familiar with the sport or interests that your kids are interested in or participate.  Soccer can be that activity in which you know nothing, but that is why we are here! Please use Parents Corner to help gain the knowledge to be a positive and informed fan of your player's sport. 


WHY TWO UNIFORM KITS? It is good to teach the kids early to wear the White Kit for when they are the Home Team and the dark kit (Red Kit) for when they are the Away/Visitors Team. As they grow up and enter Travel Teams or Middle School or High School or beyond, they will have to be responsible for both their home and away kits, it is part of the game. If nothing else, they get two cool jerseys to wear around town!


Are you interested in refereeing soccer at GASL?

All Referees will be held to a high standard. They will be expected to uphold the rules or the game and the integrity of the game.